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18/11/2016 – 20/11/2016


Fre–søn kl. 19:00–16:00



18/11 kl. 19:00 – 22:00

My artwork allows me to take a critical look at social, political, religious and environmental issues. I am drawn to content that is controversial and makes the viewer think and feel heavy emotions. I produce works of this type because I cannot ignore what I see on a daily basis in the media and in my everyday life. Arriving at this point in my practice has given me a profound view of society and it’s complex structure. We don’t question what happens to our things once we abandon them. We discard it and replace it with a newer and better version. The rate at which our society is producing and discarding items has never been seen before. In this proposed work I will challenge the viewer with their refuse, to make them question sustainability in the capitalist-consumerist world in which we live, and environmental

Galleri FISK

Kong Oscars gt. 46 5017 Bergen