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25/08/2017 – 27/08/2017


sat– €sun kl. 12–16


25/08 kl. 19:00 – 21:00

“Holding space” is an exhibition about narratives on senses. It includes works created by the artist during the past year. The performance “Holding space”, after which the exhibition is titled, has been created specifically for FISK. The audience is invited to participate as an explorer of their own senses.

Opening hour for the exhibition: 7pm
Performance: 8pm

Tanya Varbanova is a Bulgarian-born artist, working and living in Brussels, Belgium.
In her artistic practice she works from a need to respond to – be it a site, a thought or a sensation. The investigation of these responses may result in a narrative of objects, sound, video, performance, and, or text. Often, she invites her audience to “activate” the work, and therefore becoming the performer. Intrigued by the human body and mind in relation to the rest of the world, she plays with concepts of norms, standards and physical borders.

Galleri Fisk

Kong Oscars Gate 46