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Alwynne Pritchard_Photo Ine_s Samina 2
Tirs: 19-21 (Oppmøte 1845-1900 ved hoveddøren)
Red Room at Bergen Academy of Art & Design, Strømgaten 1, 5015 Bergen

As part of the B-Open Reading Circle’s developing program to include study, event, workshops, presentations and studio visits we invited Alwynne Pritchard to propose a workshop that would explore some of her current ideas. Many people have already indicated that to have an opportunity to move, to dance or to explore space with the body and with awareness is something they would like to do. This session will also be promoted through the Borealis Festival network so we hope for an exciting crossover. There will be a brief introduction to the session. The first impulse of this session will be a hugely diverse playlist of music to which the people present can respond physically in any way they want. Sound, body, space, mind is not about dance, although it allows for dance if that it what you want to do. However, it is also about being in a room with constantly changing musical and sound impulses, a group of people whose responses to those impulses you may choose to interact with, respond to, or ignore altogether, and a period of time over which your thoughts and emotions will range in response to your own movement and the movement and people around you. Sound, body, space, mind is not like being in a nightclub, not like being in a dance class and not like dancing on your own at home, although if you choose, it may be a little like all of these. Sound, body, space, mind is also not improvisation, although if you want to improvise, you can. You can also participate by simply sitting in the room. Alwynne Pritchard is Artistic Director at Borealis Festival, a unique musician and composer working through a fabulous range of sonic, performative and visual languages.

*Please email B-Open or sign up on Facebook to let us know that you are coming. Wear something comfortable or inspiring, loose fit or striking.*