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28/2 – 30/2 
Fre – Søn 13 – 18
28/2: 18.00

To engage with such intimacy in a text is to eavesdrop on my own thoughts, an act of shame, guilt, fear, heightened curiosity, sexual excitement. Stories may function as the trigger to eavesdropping, yet we know (or assume) they are fictitious. The voice as voice – a negotiation of pitch and time, a complex texture of text – reveals all. Who is hidden with in the voice is irrelevant, who is hidden within the reader of the voice? Danish artist Sif Ankergård studied her BA of fine art in Amsterdam at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Were after she retuned to Scandinavia and is currently a student at the masters programme at KHIB. Were she is engaging in a study of sculpture and artists writings from which you will see a work about doodles at Gallery Fisk.

Kong Oscars gate 46