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 Tor kl. 20–00

07/11 kl. 20:00 – 22:00

Rasmus Meyers Alle 3

Act III is a collective reading event presenting a section of Scott Elliott’s new artist novel centring around ideas of auto-cannibalistic funding structures and ethnographic surrealism. Formatted as a hybrid of artist fiction novella, Victorian play, and exhibition para-texts. the work outlines the construction and aftermath of a museum constructed in memoriam of a traveling party who journeyed into the rainforest in search of otherworldly enlightenment.

Act III is a retelling of the events on which the museum is founded, presented in the format of a radio play. The novel’s central character is used as a tool with which an archival body attempts to reconstruct the narrative of the journey and thus construct a museum in memoriam to those lost at the hands of tyrannical leadership.