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12/04-19 – 14/04-19

Kouros and Kore are a certain type of sculpture that emerged during the Archiac period of the Ancient Greek Art and featured for the first time a freestanding human figure. Either naked or depicted in drapery their purpose was multiple but it always emphasised a certain perception of the contemporary environment and life. Over the centuries, the shape of this sculptural type changed and advanced into new forms, but the practise of representation daily life and its artistic contemplation remained a crucial part. This idea of sculptures being an after­image of a public speech is underlying this new works in the show “If you see her, say hello” at Galleri Fisk. The exhibited works are questioning the requirements of modern life such as self­improvement or self­optimization by leaving traces of the process of making visible in the finished sculptures. Being raw, crude and sometimes straightened, they are nothing more than objects of desire. They refer to this art historical source by their human­scaled proportions and they are responding to the conditions of the gallery space as well as the challenges of modern life.


Galleri Fisk
Kong Oscars gate 46