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5/12 – 7/12
Lør–Søn//Sat-Sun: 12– 16
5/12: 19.00

Our collaborative works are produced on-sight, as an authorless, self
indulgent, lazy, hesitant, ephemeral, nonchalant and ever-changing
intervention within the gallery space. Exactly how this will emerge
visually is not yet decided, as we feel it would be counter intuitive to
engage in this project with preconceived and finished works. Rather, the
works spring from a performative attitude, where institution becomes a
laboratory, becomes a project space, becomes a conceptual framework.

A recurring point of investigating is the recycling, or mimicking, of
aesthetic conventions. Ready-mades, replicas, found materials, stolen
objects, photography, interventions and performances are all part of our
practice, where works are shaped trough collaborative effort – without
regard to authorship or ownership. The uncertainties and ambiguity posed by
any space, like Galleri Fisk, are sure to be an influential factor in our
approach. Or maybe something unexpected and new will happen.

Øystein Larssen is a 3BFA student in Bergen
Andreas Olavssonn Rongen is a 3BFA student in Oslo