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17/06/2016 – 04/09/2016


Tir–lør kl. 12:00–18:00


17/06 kl. 20:00 – 24:00

A major figure of American art since the 1960s, Lynda Benglis
(b. 1941, US) has brushed wax, poured latex and phosphorescent foam, layered video, hijacked advertising, air sprayed metals, stretched paper, and cut up ceramic. Benglis has repeatedly chosen drastic departures, foreign materials, and collaborative experiments over any signature style or trajectory. Taking a cue from these unruly cross-approaches, PRAXES at Bergen Assembly 2016 presents a sequence of work constellations at changing venues throughout 2016. The exhibition On Screen is the fourth module in a series of meticulous reinstallations, displays of recent work, devil-may-care detours, and attempts at tracing material histories of Benglis’s artistic practice.

Presenting three video works made in the early 1970s, this exhibition highlights Lynda Benglis’ continuous exploration of sexuality and identity play. Connecting her hands-on, process-oriented sculptural work to self-reflexive interrogations of a newborn medium, Benglis uses her own body/image to layer and multiply the seduction of the screen with a salty and humorous aftertaste, coyly asking: ‘Do you wish to direct me?’




Markeveien 4b