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03.04.2020 – 05.04.2020

Fre kl. 18–21

lør kl. 14-16

Søn kl. 14-16

03/04 kl. 18:00 – 21:00

WAAW Gallery
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Bibliomancy is a divinatory practice used since antiquity to get answers to questions or to predict the future. Through history it has evolved from using only sacred books as the Bible or the Quran to the use of entire libraries. How to Bibliomancy at home: 1- Ask a question 2- Pick randomly a book from your shelf 3- Open the book at a random location 4- With your eyes closed slide your finger through the page 5- Read the answer in the sentence where your finger has stopped The Bibliomancy Oracle is a tool to expand the divination practice from physical books to an online library. Using Project Gutenberg’s repository and a custom made algorithm we get Bibliomancy straight to your screen allowing you to get your answers whenever and wherever you are.

Lucila Mayol, b. 1986 Paraná, Argentina. Lives and works in Bergen, Norway. Graduated from the MFA at KMD in 2018, and from BFA and DoP studies, at UNA and ENERC in 2011 and 2014. Joined Artist’s Residencies like Serlachius, Filmverkstaden, and Drake Art Center in Finland; Long Weekend by Castagnino+MACRO museo and Labordeboy by OnceLibre in Argentina. She is part of Turbida Lux and TEXSTgroup collectives. At the moment, Lucila explores the relation with memory and spaces through archival material, drawing, writing, printing, and Interactive Fiction.