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20/11 – 22/11
Lør-Søn//Sat-Sun: 12 – 16
20/11 19:00

Louise and Joel are both second year students at the bachelor program in fine arts at the Bergen Academy of Art.

“The exhibition is working around the concept of ‘metaxu’. The metaxu is
defined as the middle ground or the in-between and acts as the mediator of
the temporal and the infinite. It has its origin from ideas of Platon, and has
been used by the French mystic and philosopher Simone Weil and the
philosopher Eric Voegelin in the theory of consciousness and illumination.

Without the metaxu there is a chasm and a separation of the worlds. By this
there is a disruption of the consciousness, which will bring either boredom or
perplexity. The deformed consciousness will split its poles into the hypostasis
of this world and the beyond. We want to work around this concept of the loss
of the metaxu and its symptom: ‘the boredom’. In this separation there is, as
Voegelin explains, a need for mythological symbolic language as the in between
of the temporal and the infinite. ”

Galleri Fisk
Kong Oscars gate 46