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21/5 – 1/6
Man – Fre: 14 – 18
Lør – Søn: 12 – 16

TONIGHT is a performance that launches the performance-group SYNSMASKINEN. The performance is a remake of 2 plays by the norwegian theater group BAKTRUPPEN, TONIGHT from 1994 and THE LITTLE BEARS from 1987. By starting out with selecting works by BAKTRUPPEN, the project SYNSMASKINEN connects to

a specific Bergens tradition of group-performance. This first project constitutes the metod of SYNSMASKINEN: A group of artists and thinkers are invited to collaborate on establishing an ‘abstract machine’. This machine treats the contents at hand (here the 2 plays from 1987 and 1994 and what we know about them) and produces a new performance. The group work will take place at Rom8, where also the resulting performance will take place. In the 4 days of group-work a distorted view into the gallery space will be available to the passers-by in the street. How the performance itself will evolve is by principle unknown at this stage: It is up to the invited group of participants to decide. TONIGHT will be the inaguration of SYNSMASKINEN – a festive preface to the 7 projects on contemporary crisis to follow. LonelyBoyChoir (Denmark), Terje Dragseth (Norge), Frans Jacobi (Bergen, KHiB) and others yet to be confirmed.

Vaskerelven 8
55 58 74 60