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lewis_taggart_2015lewis_taggart_201524/4 – 24/5
Tors-Søn//Thur-Sun: 12 – 16
24/4: 20.00

For our final exhibition at Nøstegaten 42, Entrée is pleased to present a
new body of work by the Bergen-based artist duo Lewis & Taggart.

Working with material gathered over several years from many places, Lewis &
Taggart look to the structure and nuance of found objects and ephemera as
points of departure in the creation of new forms and compositions. Of
particular interest are objects that share specific qualities; those that
are small enough to pass through their hands on a daily basis, those that
circulate on the periphery of a centralized economy, and those embedded
with both formal and contextual resonance.

Since 2008, their sculptural practice has been punctuated by a series
entitled *Black Holes*; an ever-growing image bank of black-and-white
photographs united by the repeated presence of two identical, black,
wooden, circular planes. For *Black Holes and other painted objects*, their
second exhibition with Entrée, Lewis & Taggart bring together new
sculptures with a selection of collages derived from their *Black
Holes* archive.

As a concluding event, the artists will perform *Music for Black Holes*, a
time-based work in two parts, at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, on the evening
of Sunday, May 24th.


Nøstegaten 42