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27/4 – 3/5


latxt is an independent festival for artist books, zines and text based works. 
the festival will take place during week 18, 27th of april – 3rd of may
the aim is to show things in our pop-up bookshop and have readings and other events throughout the week.

(Unless it’s coffee, we will serve free coffee)

!!!!!!! Program !!!!!!!!!
(most of the program will be in scandinavian, with some exceptions)


Monday: 18 – (we close when we feel done.)

Tuesday – Friday: 15 – ca. 21/22 (closing hours may vary depending on program and atmosphere)

Saturday: 11 – 21:30 (continues at secret place)

Sunday: 11 – 18 (we may start tidying up stuff before)

— — — mandag 27. apr. — — —

18:00 – OPENING -!!!

18:45 – Karoline Wolsing Wullum (dk)
*skype reading. playwriter/writer. Debuted with written play in Hvedekorn – literature magazine, writer at

19:00 – Aya Urhammer (dk)
*2nd year bachelor student at KhiB, performance lecture on anti-feministic discourses titled “I have Man trouble ”

— — — tirsdag 28.apr — — —

19:45 – Anna Kubista (swe)
*graduating bachelor student at KhiB reading poetry.

20:00 – Rebbell press-night. (cypher battle digi-session)
*rebbell press presenting writersfriends/poets from their crew in a skype session. rebbell press is a small, independent publishing house from oslo.

20:30 – Siri Frances (swe)
*first year ba khib representing jelly, which is currently having it’s norway release.

— — — onsdag 29. apr. — — —

19:45 – Tora Sanden Døskeland (no)
*skrivekunstakademiet i hordaland innleder kvelden

20:00 – AFV Press digital readings.
*readers: Tom W-O Silkeberg, Ingvild Lothe og Anna Axfors.
*afv press is a small, independent publishing house from oslo, with writers from america and scandinavia.

20:30 – Andrea Haugerud Hovik
*second year ba student at khib. reading text.

— — — torsdag 30. mai — — —

19:45 – Carl Tomas Nising Sandvold (no)
*skrivekunstakademiet i Hordaland innleder kvelden

20:00 – reading night:
*Eugene Sundelius von Rosen (swe)
Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse (no)
Elis Burrau (swe)
Esben Holk (dk)
Simen Formo Hay (no)
Maia Kjeldset Siverts (no)
Elise Austad (no)
Ida Meuller (swe)

— — — fredag 1. mai — — —

18:00 – Ruben Stokke (no)
*gratudiating bachelor student at khib performing a durational piece in bokboden.

19:45 – Catherine Maria Blaavinge Bjørnevog (no)
Sofia Marie Hamnes (no)
*skrivekunstakademiet i hordaland innleder kvelden.

20:00 – Claudia Degold (aut)
*performance with sound, and image. the artist explains the piece in these words: “This work is named ‘Reality’, and is an analysis of sign language. Inspired by Valie Exports ‘Fingergedicht’. The aim of the project is to ennoble sign language by changing the way we think about artistic forms of expression.”

20:15 – Johanna Balet Lettmayer (aut)
*reading a piece called Octopus Office, Johanna is a first year student in the master program at KhiB.

20:30 – Linus Kranz (swe)
*fanzinelaunch. bachelor student from tromsø art academy presenting a zine produced in transit (on trains and buses) between tromsø and bergen on the journey to latxt festival.

21:15 – forlag forlag
*launch, dogrelated small books and some cute minis. forlag forlag (publishing publishing) is a small publishing house that exists in the digital cloud between oslo and bergen.

21.30 (or a bit later) – mimesis ex machina-konsert.
*forlag forlag also has a band, they play improvised techno on computers.

— — — lørdag 2. mai — — —

19:45 – Johannes Holstad Tønder (no)
*skrivekunstakademiet i hordaland innleder kvelden

20:00 – Joanna Tocher (uk)
*reading poetry from a small zine.

20:15 – Johanne Johanne Maladroit Hauge (no)
*norwegian poet and dramatist and ma student living in london, reading poetry on skype.

20:30 – Olav Hamburger (no)
*inni klubben – readingperformance+dj-sesh. writer and dj from oslo.

21:00 – Guttorm Glomsås (no)
*performance. 1st year ba student at khib

21:15 – Feberdröm (swe)
*Feberdröm mixes hallucinatory soundscapes with industrial rhythms and harsh
noise- (from the depth of Gothenburg).

21:45 – Hemmelig litteraturarrangement på hemmelig sted, oppmøte kl. 21.45 – begrenset
med plasser. BE THERE. / secret thing in secret place, meeting up at bokboden 21:30
– going to place.

—– —– —– søndag 3. mai —– —– —–

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 good day. – hang out, talking about books and zines, looking at art-movies on wall, listening to music, reading.

Other people that will maybe perform in the course of the festival 🙂

– Guttorm Glomsås
– Ole-Petter Arneberg


AFV Press
Rebbell Press
Forlag Forlag
Litteraturhuset i Kristiansand
Chili Com Carne
Tatiana Stadnichenko
Anna Kubista
Joanna Tocher
Ksever Kvietkavskaites
Jonna Hägg
Peter Larsson
Eugene Sundelius von Rosen
Helle Lindskog
Helle Lindskog & Sara Skoglund
Johanna Balet Lettmayer
Vera Gomez
Ingrid Rudberg
Annika J.Hessen
Ena Kreso
Ida Meuller
Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg
Erik Tonning Jensen
Anita Loe
Andrea Bjurström
Leo Shumba
Michela Heim
Victor Guzman
Isabella Solar Villaseca
Hedvig Hanson Johannesson
Heli Rekula
Steven Dixon
Olav Hamburger Larssen
Victor Lizana
Brynhild Winther
Arne Henning Årskaug
Modes Vu
Anja Rutstrand
Siska Katrine Jørgensen
Jane Sverdrupsen
Frans Jacobi
Brandon LaBelle
Ruben Stokke
Hampus Behm
Iris Brinkborg
Hanna Alfredsson
Imi Maufe
Johanna Balet Lettmayer
Nicola Pearce
Heidi Nikolaisen


Galleri Bokboden
Marken 37