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Lør kl. 20–21

Georgernes verft 12


Lasse Årikstad will premiere his first short-film For all tid. The screening will be accompanied by a Q+A with Tatiana Lozano, curator for –p a l m e r a–. Collages, stills and textiles from the movie will be shown the same day at –p a l m e r a– (Nikolaismauet 2).
Come and join us for refreshments&snacks kl 17-19 before we head to the premiere!

The film has a duration of 32 minutes and is all filmed in Kristiansand. The film tells a tale about a young man named August who comes home to
visit family and friends and also attend a funeral. He wanders around town aimlessly until he finally meets his friends who take him on a unplanned boat ride in the archipelago on the coast of Kristiansand for the next to days filled with humour and hedonism, filled with strange situations and
unplanned encounters until the end, he finds himself lost in the woods.