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16/03/2018 – 18/03/2018


sat– €sun kl. 12–16


16/03 kl. 19:00 – 21:00


This exhibition is planned to show one of Kim’s work from the ongoing sound project named ‘Sounds on
the Verge of Nervous Breakdown’. At this time the sets of works come under the name of <White Horror>,
including interactive sound installation where audiences’ bodies play a crucial role to directly operate
sounds. Here by adapting the word ‘white terror’ into ‘white horror’, Kim tries to turn the interest of
discussion from the attacker to the victim. Voices from media coverages on hate crimes levelled on social
minors will be collected and played in loop. All the voices are heard loudly from the outside, but as soon
as someone tries to go into the space, all the lights and voices are turned off. Hereafter follows only
silence and calmness. By making people have to ‘stay out of the situation’ to keep hearing the voice, Kim
tries to throw the light on distances made between media coverage and real/physical life.

Kim Hankyul is an artist interrogating various norms and rules in a reiterative way of speaking. Working
on many different media including kinetic installation, sound, text, and performance, Kim tries to question
on existing power system hidden under ordinary languages. In Kim’s works, linguistic plays and recurrent
motions are most importantly taken as a strategy to respond to the conventional world.

Galleri Fisk

Kong Oscarsgate 46