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tir– €tir kl. 14–21


07/11 kl. 14:00 – 21:00

Presentasjon av Jiska Huizings nye digitale platform av lyder og lydbilder.

Åpent 14 – 21. Introduksjon og performance kl 19

This is the first time the public can immerse themselves into this collection of tracks and sounds through the use of a brand-new, digital platform that offers various ways of searching and organising the tracks. Torn Tracks is a collection of a growing amount of tracks that do not have one final, fixed form, like songs on a music album. They can exist in various forms at the same time, be it one made in the studio, performed live or a field recording, and the possibility of them being re-recorded, replaced or taken away over time is never excluded. The sounds for the tracks are recorded from Huizing’s immediate surroundings, often on walks, and sometimes combined with sounds of her voice and electric violin. They balance between music and sound art, playing with elements of both. Each track is based on a specific idea, but they also form a whole, which can be influenced by the listener. Through the platform that is launched at USF visitors can search and wander through the collection of tracks in different ways, each of them changing which tracks show up, in which order and how. The tracks create each other’s context. The launch of the Torn Tracks platform does not signal the end of its development, rather the opposite. It is an important step in the continuous process of its growth and change of form.
Open: 14 -21 / Introduction and performance at 19.

Visningsrommet USF

USF Verftet / Georgernes Verft 12 / 5011 Bergen