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30/1 – 1/2
Lør-Søn // Sat-Sun: 12 – 16
30/1: 19.00

What do you desire the most?
What are you thinking?
How do you feel most of the time?
What do you dream of?

WISH is a company which exists to fulfill your dreams, wishes and desires. Your feelings, thoughts and fantasies are invaluable to us and we treat feelings as the material it is.

The idea of a company which doesn’t have anything substantial to offer its clients has much in common with the modern day bank. The bank employees handle virtual money, which are mere numbers on a screen.

WISH is a platform where I have worked with the aesthetics of a company. WISH to me is about expectations, consumption, unfulfilled goals, unkept promises and being human.

Galleri Fisk
Kong Oscars Gate 46