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bergen assembly

19/3: 19.30
En Bergen Assembly event med freethought gjestet av HKS//A Bergen Assembly event with freethought hosted at HKS

If the notion of Infrastructure is synonymous with the economic, cultural and political integration of a society, its failure has become symptomatic of a kind of pathological decay. So widespread is this infrastructural mentality that cities are today graded against the overall quality of their ‘human resource complex’. Here the city of Detroit exists not so much as a city, but a disaster scenario. Detroit has become a collage of images reflecting an ongoing crisis requiring ‘emergency measures’ to correct some deep deficiency.

In this talk, freethought member Louis Moreno will consider how the political mentality of infrastructure emerged in response to both the destruction of an economic base and the ‘curation’ of the urban cultures of post-fordism. Against this, using clips from documentaries, excerpts from vinyl 12” records and other evidence, Moreno will show how Detroit opens up a different way of envisioning ‘infrastructure’.

Contained in the cartography of Bill Bunge, the documentaries of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, and the vinyl records of Underground Resistance, we uncover a different kind of cultural infrastructure: an ‘infrastructure of feeling’ able to articulate and sustain a peculiarly infectious desire for social and spatial liberation.

A simple dinner will be provided and drinks will be available to buy from the Bob’s Your Uncle Sports Bar.

All welcome!

freethought invites….is a series of open and free public events organised by freethought in the lead up to the Bergen Assembly to pursue their research into ‘Infrastructure’. These events are open to all, and will include dinner, drinks and a guest lecture.

Alongside these open and public events, members of freethought will lead a focused day seminar programme around key themes and terms relating to infrastructure with the intention of developing a collective body of research and insights. These seminars are available to anyone who can commit to following the programme in its entirety up until September 2016. For the seminars, specific texts will be circulated in digital form to allow participants to take part in the discussions. If you would like to join, please email

Bob’s Your Uncle Sports Bar is a temporary artist’s bar that exists as part of Carl Johan Högberg’s exhibition Shuttlecock, feat. Bob’s Your Uncle Sports Bar, at Hordaland Kunstsenter until 22 March 2015. Bob’s Your Uncle Sports Bar is envisaged as a replica of the original Bob’s Your Uncle bar at the Amsterdam Kunstverein, designed by Robet Wilhite. Both Bob’s Your Uncle bars host events that foreground the intersection of artistic and social activity.

Artistic Directors of Bergen Assembly 2016. freethought is a collective of six persons (Stefano Harney, Adrian Heathfield, Massimiliano (Mao) Mollona, Louis Moreno, Irit Rogoff and Nora Sternfeld) and came together in 2011 as a platform for research, pedagogy, and production.

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With thanks to Hordaland Kunstsenter for kindly hosting this event. 

Image credit: Flyer for Underground Resistance – Detroit circa 1990s. 

Hordaland kunstsenter
Klosteret 17