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6/3 – 8/3
Lør-Søn//Sat-Sun: 13 – 15
6/3: 19.00

Art [] Gender [] Art’s collaborators, Helle Grøndahl and france rose, will be presenting a continual performance piece at Galleri Bokboden.
In their performance done/undone, Helle and france will repeatedly present the act of gendering oneself, by showing the process of un/doing make-up, clothing and self-appraisal. What is often a private ritual, confined to the bedroom or bathroom, will be accessible to the public, separated by only the glass windows. As each artist transforms into the opposite gender from the other, over and over, the bodies remain the same. All that changes are the materials and learnt behaviors adopted alternatively by each. Consequently, one is drawn to question the legitimacy of gender as an impenetrably defining element, rather seeing it as a cloak we strategically wrap ourselves in before stepping out into the world.

Helle and france are artists, queer theorists and trans* activists based in Norway. Helle has a BFA in Fine Arts from Kunstakademiet i Trondheim (NTNU) and is currently studying Gender Studies at University of Oslo. france, originally from the States, has a MPhil in Sociology from the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and is currently completing an MFA in Fine Arts. Together they run Art [] Gender [] Art, a collaborative project which focuses on employing art as a tool in the exposure and deconstruction of heteronormativity. Started last year, they have had the opportunity to present seminars, exhibitions and workshops on this subject at various schools, festivals, conferences and galleries in Norway and abroad.

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Press contact:
Helle Grøndahl
934 22 500


Galleri Bokboden
Marken 37