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23/1: 19.30

Bitchney Spearx and Lana Death Ray don’t give a shit about the academic explanations of this performance. We don’t care about how much this gets to comment on fine art, philosophy, art history, politics and the white cube. We are not political. 

We are not not political either. Your words, definitions and arguments do not apply for the performanceproject of your dreams / Bitchney and Lana Death are doing this because we wanna fucking instagram it!

This is not fine art. This is not not fine art either. We’ll play our tunes, and drink our drinks. Show our pics, our vids, our nude asses and party until there is no more fake fur on our bodies left. It’s Bitchney Bitch, give Lana lots of diamonds, like everything we do online and fucking come to gallery fisk.

Bitchney Spearx and Lana Death Ray has been on everybody’s lips for ages now, and finally we’re doing it!
Friday the 23rd we launch our awesome facebook-page and our crazy instagram! if you want to follow what’s up, follow us, you cunt!

bitchneyspearxlanadeathray on instagram

Galleri Fisk
Kong Oscars Gate 46