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Velkommen til en konsert og vokalperformance med Attila Csihar i forbindelse med utstillingen “O Superman To Girls, Tricky. I Am Here, Where Are You: On Vocal Performance”. Gratis inngang!


Welcome to a concert with artist and vocalist Attila Csihar on the occasion of the exhibition “O Superman To Girls, Tricky. I Am Here, Where Are You: On Vocal Performance” at Bergen Kunsthall. Free entry!

Void Ov Voices is a one man performance by Attila Csihar using his own voice as an instrument with some effects. This solo project was started in the end of 2008 when Attila played a solo gig in Moscow opening for Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, a contemporary jazz band from Germany. Attila played plenty of concerts with VOV in the past years all around Europe, USA, in Japan and Australia.

Attila Csihar has been the vocalist with some of the most respected, cult-Metal bands of all time. In the mid-eighties ATTILA helped form Tormentor. Tormentor recorded the very influential: “Anno Domini” album in 1989. It was originally slated to be released by Euronymous (Mayhem guitarist) on his Death Like Silence label. (this plan was not realized due to the extremely controversial murder of Euronymous by Burzum/Count Grishnack) From his incredible vokill work on those recordings, Euronymous asked him to contribute vocals to a upcoming Mayhem album. That album became the De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album, considered by many to be the best Black Metal album of all time. The performance of Attila on that album is completely groundbreaking, and often imitated. On those recordings, Attila simultaneously created a new standard for vocalists, and established himself as thee premier Black Metal vocalist.


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