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19/1 – 25/1
Man-Fre // Mon-Fri

“The Enlightened Weaving” is a performance and installation that focuses on the physical process of weaving and the time consumed by it. Every afternoon and evening from Monday to Friday, when it is getting dark outside, Anne-Sofie Overgaard will weave on four big looms with lighted fairy lights. The only light source in the gallery will come from these fairy lights. The physical time spent on weaving will become translated into the amount of fairy lights that she has been able to weave with. Thereby, the performance will become encapsulated in the looms and the patterns of the woven fairy lights, which will end up being the installation.

Anne-Sofie Overgaard is an art student at The Jutland Art Academy. She is on an one year exchange to KHiB on the Master level until the end of the spring semester. In her art practice she works with the relationship between art and textile crafts, primarily focusing on weaving in juxtaposition to other art forms. 

Vernissage/Finisage Friday 23.01.15, kl. 19:00-20:00