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27/2 – 1/3
Søn//Sun: 15 –18
27/2: 19.00

It’s a state of search. A mood, a particular look, light, sharpness. I give directions, and movements to you. I ask you to open and close your mouth before I make a new exposure. I ask you to close your eyes and slowly open them again. Shift side, follow my hand with your pupils. 

I want you to be exhausted, hungover, worn out, vulnerable, direct, tired, careless; just be. Can you?

I think I know you. I think I can create a you that I know. 

I think we have different ambitions for the image. 

How can I in the best possible way represent myself? The self representation is inevitably. I will never be able to see myself as clear as I see you.

“Our whole guise is like giving a sign to the world to think of us in a certain way, but there’s a point between what you want people to know and what you cant help people knowing about you. And that has to do with what I’ve always called the gap between the intention and effect.” – Diane Arbus

I THINK I KNOW YOU is an exhibition based on photographic portraits. Together with video it will pose questions about how seeing is becoming, and how identity is constructed.

Andrea Haugerud Hovik (b. 1994, Trondheim, Norway) is a second year bachelor student at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. She works mainly with photography and video. Her works deals with human relations and social situations.

Supported by Bergen Center for Electronic Art and

Galleri Fisk
Kong Oscars Gate 46