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15.06.2020 – 10.07.2020

Alt Går Bra Lokale
Strandgate 208

Exhibition: Kunst i de Tusen Hjem

June 15th – July 10th
Alt Går Bra Lokale

Exhibition of paintings by so-called amateur painters from the postwar era, who usually sold their work door to door.

Over 50 pieces from Bergen and Hordaland will be on display, including the prolific work of Bergen’s Andreas Grynne and the Stranda painters, a remarkable phenomenon featured in The New York Times.

This unique exhibition will show paintings that have rarely gained the attention of academics and contemporary art spaces.

This work will be put in dialog with original copies of these paintings made by Alt Går Bra.

Kunst i de Tusen Hjem reflects upon folk and popular art, acknowledging their importance and aiming to understand the reasons behind the popularity of these local paintings.

The exhibition critically explores Romantic conceptions tending to idealize folk art as well as dismissive approaches perceiving it as only able to limp behind the art of the elites.

Kunst i de Tusen Hjem is part of a series of exhibitions showing work contributed by the public. Starting with Fanekunst in May, Alt Går Bra has been inviting the general public to contribute objects from daily life for the exhibitions, along with audio recordings of the stories that surround them.

Please refer to Alt Går Bra’s website and social media channels for talks to be produced for this exhibition.

The events are free and open to the public, but will be subjected to Covid-19 restrictions.