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28/10/2016 – 30/10/2016


Fre–søn kl. 19:00–16:00



28/10 kl. 19:00 – 22:00

Alison Darby makes installations in which she combines sculpture, drawings and photography. Her works are similar to utensils; small, focused on it‘s use or possible use, and with a big importance to the space surrounding it. Her main themes are worlds in a box – natural versus artificial.

Marta Djourina‘s practice is focused on analogue photography with a strong interest on the photo paper and it’s characteristics. Her experimental approach leads her to investigate the characteristics of light and by doing so to bring the notion of trace to a new level of significance.Djourina’s own identity and her feeling of nostalgia have also been playing an important part in her artistic development.

Sidsel Ladegaard works in the field between instalation art and sculpture. She is interested in the asociations and imagined connections between objects, materials and their social history and surroundings. She uses language as an object on its own, which can lead and confuse interpretentions. She likes getting lost.

Karin Salathé works with objects and surfaces. She is interested in the crossing points between the physical three dimensional object and its two dimensional representation.
She has an affinity for everyday materials slightly out of place.

Galleri FISK

Kong Oscars gt. 46 5017 Bergen