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18.10.2019,7pm: StarcraftII for Beginners

Starcraft II for Beginners

For this session we will play Starcraft II. Starcraft: Brood War was one of the first strategy games that introduced the idea of gaming as a sport competition. It became hugely popular in South Korea with several TV channels dedicated to live broadcasting Starcraft match.

20.10.2019, 7pm: World of Warcraft for Beginners

World of Warcraft for Beginners

23.10.2019, 7pm:  Fortnite for Beginners 

Fortnite for Beginners

Conceived by Eloïse Bonneviot

Entrée, Markeveien 4B, 5012 Bergen
Admission free, in English
Please RSVP at

This is an event by and for beginners.

The Feminist Gaming Group is organising nights of intense multi-player gaming session for beginners. The sessions are semi-private, on RSVP only and are tailored for people with little knowledge of video games. The composition of the group will vary depending on the game played. The Feminist Gaming Group sessions are organized by Eloïse Bonneviot.

This sessions are by and for beginners! So we provide laptops with the game pre-installed if your laptop isn’t able to run the game. You can just come in and play!

Feel free to pass on the information if you know people that might be interested in joining it. Keep in mind that this is an event for beginners!

Please RSVP at