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BLOKK is an artist-run, non-profit organization, founded in May 2012, by the artists Helene Norseth, Håkon Holm-Olsen, Corrina Thornton, Mattias Arvastsson and Linda Soh Trengereid, with the purpose to organize and create a new studio-collective in Bergen, Norway.

BLOKK is located in Lille Markeveien 15 and houses 14 artist studios, a ventilated spraypaint-room, one wood-workshop, one wet-workshop for the production of art and a project space / showroom. We aim to create an active studio with the option for members to participate in projects outside of the building, and help to form an studio collective which evolves with the members and their needs. 

An exhibition-group, consisting of members from BLOKK, also annually curates and manages four exhibitions featuring artists from outside of the collective as well as other art-related events.