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28/11 –30/11
Lør – Søn//Saturday – Sunday: 12 – 16
Fredag//Friday 28/11: 19.00

RECALL (re¦call)

Bring (a fact, event, or situation) back into one’s mind; remember:

(recall someone/thing to) Bring the memory or thought of someone or
something to (a person or their mind):

(Of a manufacturer) request all the purchasers of (a certain product) to
return it, as the result of the discovery of a fault).

Jonas Silfversten Bergman (born 1991) is a third year student at the Bergen
Academy of Art and Design. His work revolves around the exploration of
painting as a tool to examine the balance between the real and the
abstract. In his latest paintings he has focused on common visual
references from the industrial language.

By employing painting as a tool to construct realistic surfaces, Jonas
recreates their essence and confronts them with painterly qualities such as
over-exaggerations and abstractions.

The encounter between the real and the abstract creates an instability
between the distinct and the diffuse.


Galleri Fisk
Kong Oscars Gate 46