02/02/2018 – 04/02/2018


lør– €søn kl. 15–16


02/02 kl. 18:00 – 21:00

More complex and mysterious than head ache, the phenomenon of friend ache is strangely familiar to most. Through pop cultural references, an intervention in public space as well as a rupture at the core of the institutional structure Lettmayer aims to put audience, curator and the artist herself on the verge of tears. As capitalism pushes western societies towards a constant optimizing for happiness, and loneliness becomes one of the main side effects, the exhibition invites for a communal space for sadness.

Johanna Lettmayer is an Austrian artist based in Bergen, Norway. She studied art history at the University of Vienna and has a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Academy of Art and Design in Bergen. Johanna Lettmayer creates performative elements and text pieces that she discretely inserts into familiar settings. She questions and re-interprets the format of lectures, extracts meaning from nonsense and directs attention by slightly disrupting what usually goes unnoticed. Her works operate between convention and the dissolution of conventions and make distinctions between real and staged, art and non-art difficult.

–P a l m e r a–

Nikolaismauet 2